The discovery of pests in your home or business property can be stressful and usually means action now. At Bugless I recognise this is important to you and will work with you to get a resolution underway immediately when the need necessitates the action.



For your home, we have a simple 4 step plan.


1: Discovery - Find out as much from you we can on the phone or via email.

Are you the owner or tenant, what is the pest, how long has it been evident, what rooms in the house/business are affected, how significant is the infestation. eg can you see cockroaches running around, are people getting bites, who will be home, do you have pets if fleas when was the pet treated last.


2: Plan- Site inspection and plan of action. We will seek to minimize the external influences that may have contributed to the problem arising.  I will notify you of the recommended agents I will be using and any constraints in site access required of you for your own safety and the other occupants of the home/property. At this time we will agree on timings for a follow-up call to ensure the treatment has met expectations. 


3: Treat

In most case I will be applying the gels, dust, sprays, misting in a safe hazard-free manner with the house isolated and empty. I will leave a checklist of the agent used and warnings on external doors to ensure you or other residents do not re-enter until the prescribed safe time.


4: Follow up

On the agreed day I will contact you to confirm the treatment has worked and meets your expectations.



Commercial Premises

While Commercial premises have the same four steps once pests are discovered there is a far more exhaustive site investigation and consultation phase to develop a long term sustainable Pest Management Program. Commercial pest Management is about prevention and understanding weaknesses and potential invasive points into a building or food preparation area, public area's etc and putting in place suitable mechanisms to prevent pest invasions.



Follow Up