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Working from Home

Bugless was formed to provide you with the best possible pest control services.  Having pests in one’s home or business can be confronting and often challenging that’s where Bugless steps in. Whether it is rats in the roof, cockroaches behind the fridge or ants in the pantry Bugless will eliminate them for you..

My Commitment

As the owner-operator of bugless the buck stops with me. My commitment is to deliver exceptional service to my customers. Dealing with pests is not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s why we do it and that’s why we put a lot of effort into understanding what you, our customer expects.

Where Bugless Operates

While Bugless is based on the North Shore we recognize that pests are never still or in just one area that’s why our services are carried out across the greater Auckland area from Papakura in the South to Albany in the North and Laingholm in the West to Howick in the East. Pests Never Rest.

My Service Guarantee

For most treatment's we include a reasonable warranty period. We recognize that bringing in a professional can be a substantial cost to many families, so we back ourselves to eliminate the problem. Some services like German cockroach infestations include two visits as part of the treatment.   


It is important to know that the person attending your property has the skills and certifications to ensure your families safety. Due to the nature of the treatments applied, pest service operators must be certified as an Urban Pest Manager. Bugless Pest Services is certified to this level of certification.

Our Role in the Community

Bugless supports the intention of a Predator Free New Zealand. To that end, we are voluntarily engaged in reducing pests in our local community. In January 2020 as part of the Centennial Park Bush Society, we implemented a program to eradicate possums from Centennial Park. Possums are opportunistic omnivores meaning they eat just about anything buds, flowers, fruits, berries, snails, invertebrates, birds eggs and baby chicks from nests. Their impact on New Zealand fauna has been huge since their introduction in 1837 to establish a fur trade. 20 Possums can eat 180Kg of vegetation in one month or 20 shopping bags full and 2 tonnes of vegetation in a year. Since January this year in conjunction with Auckland City Council, we have eliminated 30 possums from Centennial Park.

The vindication for this activity can be heard in the increased bird song and sightings of beautiful birds like the Kereru within the park and its surrounds.

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