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Spiders in New Zealand are generally more scary than dangerous, however, the Whitetail has a reputation for biting and the bites becoming severely infected. In new housing suburbs in what was once paddocks spiders present a nuisance with cobwebs adorning new houses as the spiders get acquainted with there new neighbours. Bugless keeps the outside of your home pest free eradicating cobwebs and angry Whitetails. 

For the best home pest control call Bugless to rid you of your spiders

Whitetail spider  (Lampona cylindrata)

The Whitetail has a cigar-shaped body with a distinctive white mark on the end of the abdomen. The female is up to 1.8cm with the male up to 1.2cm long They are found under the bark of tree's and also in bathrooms. They are hunters who enjoy dining on webbing spiders like the black house spider which brings them in proximity to houses. Bites cause necrotic ulceration of the skin, however, this is not caused by their venom.

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