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There are three wasp varieties in New Zealand the Common wasp, Paper wasp and the German wasp. All wasps deliver stings and need to be avoided and the experts called in to eliminate. Wasps are alien invaders to New Zealand with no native varieties and no enemies allowing them to spread pervasively throughout New Zealand and in particular the north of the South Island in the beech forest of Nelson and the West Coast. They are considered our most abundant and damaging pest.  Wasps stings do not contain barbs allowing them to sting multiple time. Under threat, wasps release an alarm pheromone which attracts other wasps to the sting site. At Bugless Pest Control we eliminate wasp nests. 

German wasp  (Vespula germanica)

The villain in summer the German wasp is now pervasive in New Zealand often found in picnic area's around BBQ's and rubbish bags and anywhere there is an available food source with a preference for sweet liquids. They are the scourge of the New Zealand eco-environment. When their nest is disturbed the alarm pheromone will see hundreds surrounding and stinging the aggressor to their nest. The nest can host thousands of Queens and tens of thousands of wasps and is not something to be trifled with.

In all cases, a professional Pest Manager should be called in to kill off the nest.

This is one pest you should not trifle with. 

Paper wasp  (Polistes spp)

The paper wasp has a slender body and is about  2 cm long. It feeds on nectar and collects caterpillars as food for their larvae. The Paper wasp is particularly fond of Monarch caterpillars as the food for its larvae. Their nest are usually seen hanging downwards from the underside of eaves and plants. The nests are made from wood with paper wasps often seen grooming cedar wood for this purpose. Their sting is not as sharp as the German but is still painful and usually felt when one gets close to the nest. Removal of the nests should be left to a professional pest manager as the sting may result in an allergic reaction which could turn serious. 

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